Welcome to the website of artist Meryl Toan

You'll find here a collection of oil paintings, inspired by the landscape, plants and birds of the Hudson River Valley where I have lived all my life. In the past 20 years I have painted a lot of scenes of the Piermont Marsh on the Hudson River in Piermont, NY. For an artist, the reeds of the Piermont Marsh present a continuously changing palette of color.  Against this, the details of the plants and birds and the play of light in the sky and clouds form patterns upon patterns. Some of the paintings show vistas of the river, others are close up views of the life in the reeds and bushes, the birds finding food, singing or splashing in the puddles. I hope the experience of viewing my paintings is like taking a walk and looking about you to see what you can find.

The paintings of the woods behind my house  captured in different seasons and are also portraits of the trees I see every day.  

I hope you enjoy the paintings.  I've also included some sketches, studies which eventually become the paintings.